Kenosha and Trump

I learned this evening President Trump plans to go to Kenosha, Wisconsin Tuesday for reasons I cannot fathom. Well, that is not true. I know exactly why he is going. He must be re-elected at any cost. His incendiary presence will only make this worse. One reporter said Trump is hauling gasoline on Air Force One to a fire.

However, he believes it will be another photo op demonstrating he is the “Law and Order” President. When such words fall from his mouth it is a mockery of law and order. This man throughout his childhood and adult life has never found a rule he would not break, a law he could not get around, a lie too big to tell, and basically expect the world to believe him. So, his run for re-election in 2020 is “He is the law and order” president.

The folks in Kenosha don’t need more grief from his grandstanding and posturing. The truth is that what begins in a peaceful protest with the best of intentions can spiral out of control because the folks at the back of the protests are gangsters who use the cover of peaceful protest to burn, rob, and steal. So such actions set in motion a diversion of the story line. The story becomes the damage not the man who was shot. In a sense, Jacob Blake is lost in the story of the civil unrest and the chaos and damage.

Trump’s presence will not be helpful in the least. First, he has the empathy of a snake and is about as cold blooded. Additionally, he will put Secret Service Agents and local law enforcement off of their already challenging jobs to protect him. If he wants to show empathy, he should head west to California as it is burning but he won’t because the governor of California is a Democrat and Trump has spent a good bit of time demonizing Democratic Governors, and Democratic Mayors. More than that, there is little political capital to be made walking with people in California who have lost everything.

In one newscast I heard, a reporter referenced the book by a Republican strategist, “Everything Trump Touches Dies.” I am getting a clearer picture of why that is the case. Trump has the instincts of a killer shrimp. And following his instincts defeats him every single time. The men and women who have come into his orbit in the White House are forever tainted or politically destroyed. His instincts to move into casinos in Atlantic City landed him with 5 properties all of which have filed for bankruptcy and sit vacant. His bid to run for president was initially a whim to increase the value of his “brand.” What he didn’t know was that some people would take him seriously, and he would in fact win the Republican nomination, and then the Presidency. The problem? If he had read at all anything about the blood sport of politics, he would have realized every affair, every sleazy backroom deal, every inflated financial statement, every tax return would become scrutinized as never before. That is what happens when you are in the public eye. While Trump was just a New York City oddity and eccentric, he did not get much scrutiny. However, all that changed when he became the candidate and then the president.

So, the reality is that Trump must win. He always has to win. This time, this election determines whether he stays safe in the White House for four more years or faces all the criminal charges awaiting him as the perhaps the most famous criminal since Al Capone. That is if he survives Kenosha, Wisconsin.



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