Trump the Tyrant

Folks who know me know I am a kind and mostly considerate listener. I am willing to hear a variety of opinions even those I believe are wrong. However, having said that, I am increasingly troubled by what the experts are saying about this time in which America is living through.

The Trump years are more than a successful businessman’s presidency because they are first aligned with a man whose business record is far from successful. He is a “legend in his own mind” but facts tell a difference story. One author, Rick Wilson, captured the real truth about Trump when his book was titled “Everything Trump touches Dies.” Second, Trump believes in a tyranny in which what he does is alright and what ever is done against him is wrong. Jonathan Chait in “Lock Him Up,” (see the link earlier in my timeline) makes the case for prosecuting Trump for all his crimes. To do less is to step further down the road to totalitarianism.

I would not ever present myself as an “expert” in American history, but I know more than the average person about this nation, its inception, its struggles, and its present history. When I say there has never, ever been a presidency like the Trump years, I believe it is verifiable by simply following the presidents (44) previous to this president.

What troubles me is Trump is more like a dictator than a president. The counsel of his Cabinet, the advice from the Intelligence community, the input from his Department of Justice(prior to Barr), all point to a person who does what he wants when he wants without regard to treaties, law or established norms. To some, that is his appeal. He is not shackled by the constraints of former presidents, but rather does what he believes is best. And who tells him that — his gut. However, there is a price to be paid.

All bills come due. The bill for flagrantly, ignoring the Constitution and the rule of law will come due. Like all bills(except in the Trump world of stiffing the little man) they must be paid. America is already paying a high price for the unrestrained, unprincipled, lack of leadership of this president. Make no mistake, we are already paying the price. With COVID-19, over 190,000 have died unnecessarily because Trump withheld vital information to the American people about the seriousness of this virus. In his own words to Bob Woodward, he admitted as much. Knowing the lethality of this virus, he played it down because according to Trump, “he did not want the American people to panic.” This president is the same one who has taken every opportunity to create fear toward others, and incited racial divisions and panic.

I guess I struggle with the idea that our history can go one of two ways as the election of a new president comes to pass. We can elect Trump again which means further steps toward totalitarianism or deal with his diatribes the election was fixed against him. Whichever happens, it will not be good for America. Some see another term as a step toward dictatorship and as much as I don’t want to believe such a thing is possible, I think those folks are spot on. In the waning days of this president’s final year, I see more corruption, more influencing in the wrong direction, more deflection, more refusal to take responsibility, and closer alignment to tyranny.

I cannot believe this is what the American experience is about. It is about setting a new direction for government, one that is not of the people, not for the people,and not by the people — and really not about the people of this nation, instead about a tyrant, about one person and his leadership.

I have never said this or thought this, but this coming election is really about the future of America. Will we be a free people, electing those who represent us in local, state, and national houses of legislation, or will we be a people who are controlled by a single leader or his party? Will we be a people who are governed by representatives who are elected by the people, for the people, and by the people, or will it be a elaborate show disguising a tyranny at work? Will we begin to rebuild the integrity of our institutions or allow them to slip further into ruin? Will we stand up to an amoral, unprincipled, despot, or will we allow his pathology to overtake us all?

That is the question of the hour!

Wash your hands, wear your mask for others, mind the gap and be kind.



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